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Posted: October 5, 2010 in Memoirs of a Kyle
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My laptop says 4:12 am, and by now I’ve lost all function of thinking. My thoughts fell adrift and my anchoring eyes feel mummified . “Why must they always play this Extenze infomercial? And who the fuck is Jimmy Johnson? What an awful celebrity to endorse your cock growing scam, Extenze. There are actually men in this world who watch this particular commercial and fall for what their selling. I suppose I should feel blessed i wasn’t born with a small dick.

4:36 am- The lack of sleep is nothing new as I am pretty much on extended vacation until December. I’m living this sort of life where I have no actual responsibility. It’s been a positive and negative experience and something I would never recommend. Somebody who worked since he was 16, it was hard to adapt to not having a schedule. I’ve always lived by structure and organization. Making money to fuel my existence. But instead I’ve been given a chance to take a break from the repetitious world and well.. do whatever the fuck I want.  Experiencing new music, catching up on movies, blogging, or mapping of my future. I feel like a teenager all over.  It’s sort of rad..

4:48 am – I’m sitting outside and listening to Sia “Breath Me,” while scoping out the hilarious neighborhood that I’m entitled to live in. The night only whispers of a breeze as everyone sleeps. Recycling bins all outside, giving a blue domino effect down my street. I can only imagine how they feel having a single, young man living in the Brady Bunch hood?  These people are very serious about keeping up with the joneses. lawns are admirably crafted. Kids skipping around while frolicking in the dirt or having tea parties. Perhaps having insomnia stems from this new world I’ve entered? I’m a city boy, who feels calmed by sirens and car alarms. The idea of a world that is entirely too calm, gives me heightened anxiety.

5:03 am – I’m patiently awaiting the first natural alarm of bird to chirp. I figure that by now I will stay up in hopes that I can sleep early later this evening after Glee. Perhaps putting myself on a better schedule. One of my closest friends Russ has officially moved out of the house. He has left me behind to fend off these Christian suburbanites alone. I too, think this is why i have been struggling to sleep. Him and I have lived together for almost two years and if anything, he  and I became close. The genuine loner, with a bald head and a constant smirk. It’s felt similar to a boyfriend breakup in some degree. But often time change is the  best thing and wish him luck in life as we both are going down new paths. I’ll miss the times he’d make me coffee and sing Spice Girls “2 become 1” on his guitar though. *Swoon!

5:22 am –  I am sort of enjoying this new approach of rambling on about irrelevant things that don’t tie together tonight. Or  anything involving my kidney disease. I’ve decided to take a step back on writing about the issue 1) I started to write about it to educate people, and instead I think I opened Pandora’s Box. I’m pretty burnt out discussing  my kidneys. People who inquire about my health get a very scripted explanation, due to the frequency. However, when I hung out with the Seattle friends,  I could hear myself becoming bored explaining dialysis. My voice became tiresome and they seemed distressed and more confused. Perhaps I’m getting sloppy? Perhaps I don’t give a fuck 🙂

5:58 am – I suppose it’s always a good sign to fall asleep when the Married With Children theme song begins. This show is entirely too nostalgic to not cozy up in my tie blanket and attempt to drift to a finalized slumber.  Good Morning & Goodnight !


  1. Ryan says:

    Always love your blogs. Keep ’em coming.

    Also, love that song! 😉

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